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A Revolutionary Concept

The chances of a business owner stumbling across the knowledge and tools to drive their business forward is statistically zero. Digital marketing is data driven and the realm of AI.


In the constant evolution of the media landscape there has always been a need for true and accurate information. In this era of "fake" news, trolls and bots it is even more critical to get the real story out about a business, its management and good and services. Blogs and social media only go so far. There is still and always will be a community of professional writers, and publishers who will shape the social , political and economic future of world events and commerce.


Our mission is to add long-term value to your business through use of specific marketing strategies tailored for your business. You will learn immediately how to use tools such as press releases and op-eds to increase the visibility of your business.


Matt Maginley

Senior Marketing Consultant

Media and Marketing professional with 20 years of experience. Matt comes from an agency and media sales background with experience in media planning, research media sales and placement. As a consultant he has worked on marketing and business development with C - Suite executive and business owners to help create the unique sales proposition and develop the audience insights in custom targeting for social media. He's worked tactically within media having created and advised on short form video, podcasts, ads, graphics, newsletters, landing pages, websites and blogs as well as braodly on media objectives and strategy.

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