About Us

A Business Alliance

We provide an intersection for three communities to share information and to help each other. By providing an efficient model we lower costs and speed delivery of vital services. The three communities served are the business owner, the provider of business and marketing services and the advisers, consultants and agencies who are expert in recommending, implementing and managing business services and marketing.

A Collaborative Model

The main reason I did this is that I feel there is more than enough business to go around and many businesses are not getting the help they need because there is a lack of understanding of the human element involved in trust and relationship building.

A New Way of Thinking

It is hard to trust people you don't know, you haven't met, and you don't know if you really can do business with them. I think the local chamber does a great job at bringing people together once a month. But not everyone can come to the meeting. And it is once a month. If you find a person that you might like to business with then you're back to the time problem of setting up an appointment, meeting, and gathering information.

Taking Action with Confidence

The main challenge is that the amount of information available to run businesses is overwhelming. How to figure out what is the right service or vendor to use? Not every service or product is a match for every business. By now you know what kind of customer or client you service. We hope to be able to match needs with solutions.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

The chances of a business owner stumbling across the exact knowledge and tools to drive their business forward is statistically zero. The number of options for solutions are as varied as there are business owners. There is no way to determine what will be the most cost effective or efficient choice. Half measures, partial solutions and approximations are the result. However, there are those who are expert at guiding business owners to the solution that meets the exact need at a given point in time.


Business growth comes when aligned systems are integrated for optimized performance. Identifying the systems, deploying them and knowing when to upgrade or adapt to new technologies are beyond the skill set of most business owners and require expert advice.


Our mission is to add long-term value to your business through use of specifically tailored business strategies.

Matt Maginley

Senior Consultant

I am primarily a media and marketing business professional with 20 years of experience. My early background was in ad agency and media sales with experience in media planning, research, media sales and placement. As a consultant I have worked on marketing and business development with C - Suite executive and business owners to help solve business problems with unique sales solutions.  I've worked tactically within media having created and advised on short form video, podcasts, ads, graphics, newsletters, landing pages, websites and blogs as well as broadly on business, marketing and media objectives and strategies.

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