Step 3. How is Your Business Listed

Have you checked that your business listing with name, address and phone (NAP) is accurate across the internet?

  • Is your listing consistent in Google Maps, Google Places?
  • Is your listing also appearing correctly in Yahoo and Bing searches?
  • Are you listed in the world’s 2nd largest search engine: You Tube?
  • Are you listed accurately in the many business directories and sites that have customer reviews?
  • Have you claimed ownership of these listings, checked for accuracy, and included content helpful to new customers?
  • Are you checking the reviews left by customers and dealing with any issues, prob elms or negative comments?

All of these listings are free, and to claim them is also free, and the content that you can provide is likely already laying around or can be developed by yourself or your staff. If you’d like us to manage this for you on a one time basis we can do that for you.

To complete many of these listings you will need : properly sized photos, bio information about the business, the unique selling proposition (USP) or extra value proposition (EVP), and to be included in the 2nd largest search engine in the world YouTube,  a video.

If you have a website, all of these things can be brought over from your website. If your site is not mobile ready or a (SSL) site we can manage that for you as well.

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