Step 2. How New Customers Find You

1. How do new customers find you?
2. How do they learn about your services and products?
3. What is the first thing they do?
4. Then what do they do next?
5. Do they know why they should choose to do business with you, over your competition?
6. Do you know why your customers choose to do business with you over the competition?


The answer to Question 1. is relatively easy : “the internet, search Google.”

The answer to Question 2. is also easy : “they look at my website, or they call me, or visit our location.”

We cover the answers to the remaining questions in the marketing workshop, and more.


But let’s take a moment and look at these questions and answers very carefully.

The key to this is that everyone has a buying strategy. Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy. Marketing is about attracting buyers. Sales is the action that results. We develop a marketing strategy, and implement it. We measure sales to know how well the strategy is working, and improve upon it.

Bear in mind that people are mobile. They take the basics : keys, wallet/purse, and smartphone. The smartphone is never more than three feet away from them, and they are 90% more likely to open a read a text message than answer a call, or open an email.

Let’s rephrase the question : How do new customers find your business with their mobile device?

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