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News Media and Press Relations

"If it bleeds, it leads," was the old way to sum the news business in a phrase. From WikiLeaks to Cambridge Analytica, from Obama to Trump we have all been exposed to a new media strategy which basically says , "Make it bleed, so it can lead." In other words, an effort must be made to control the message and control the news story. The question is  can a business can control the news or the is the news controlling the business?

How Press Releases Impact the News

The tools may have changed but the news hunting and gathering process is the same. Whether tweets from the President or a surrogate on Morning Joe is used there is still a White House press office coordinating messages and a formal communication to the press. Journalists are looking for news sources for corroboration, details and facts. In this fast paced, cutthroat environment your business needs to be seen as a factual news source. That is the purpose of a press release.

Op-Ed Placement

Our sweet spot and where we get the most effectiveness for a business is creating topical, relevant and news worthy pieces for publications such as newspapers like the Star Ledger, Wall Street Journal and The Record, news publishers such as the Hill, Politico and CBS TV, entertainment publishers such as the Huffington Post, VICE and MSNBC. This service is for businesses with some standing in their field of endeavor and history of performance. Professionals such as medical practitioners, lawyers and industry leaders benefit the most from this service. We can also help non-profits, charities, local civic groups and clubs as well as retail business in automotive, fashion and entertainment to name a few.

The Basic Press Release

The press release serves two purposes: first to formally express facts and information and attribute them to a news source. Second, to provide coverage of a story idea that may be added into a related story. For instance: if you've hired a new manager who is expected to do wonderful things for the business, a press release that can state their past accomplishments as relevant to a new sales strategy, product or service offering may be sufficient.  Where the press release becomes news is when the writer relates the person, strategy, to a current news story, or a trend.

Paid Press Release Services 

Our clients have had success with the paid press release distribution services in generating traffic to their websites. Services such as PR Web and PR Newswire will for a fee provide placement of the press release into a automated feed channels that will reach assignment editors. PR Newswire requires an annual membership fee, and is regarded the more professional of the two and more expensive. PR Web allows one time placement and hosts the story on their services and provides a link back to the press release that can be placed on your website or in social media. The PR Web placement includes TV, radio, podcasts, blogs, and online publications. We offer this kind of  placement as a  done-for you service. We will write the press release for a fee, get it approved and place it with PR Web and bill you for the placement and writing service. This is the lowest cost option available.

At some point a person is going to want to know the truth about you, your business and your offerings. They are going to to look over reviews and see the good the bad and the ugly. They are going to ask family, friends and neighbors their opinion. At some point they are going to ask a trusted adviser or influencer. The authority of a trusted adviser or influencer gives them power to persuade and determine outcomes and sway decisions. One thing we all share is that we all know, like and trust various authorities, advisers and influencers in our lives. They may be different people or sources for each one of us but they are there and we seek their guidance.

Why Mainstream Media

It is this authority that the mainstream media commands and make no mistake even the alternative media, blogs and seek the popularity and dominance of being regarded a s gold standard of journalistic integrity. In the old days it was to scoop the other media outlets. In today's fast paced environment when everything is breaking news the volume of information becomes overwhelming. Moreover, the discussion about the story becomes higher value for the media outlet than the story itself in an effort to brand their capability for analysis. In the final analysis it is about ad and subscriber revenue and popularity. That is the one common thread to all media  mainstream or otherwise - revenue equals survival.

The Competition for News, Features, and Op-Eds

The major news services along with some of the major media companies who own newspapers, magazines, TVand radio station groups who can still afford to have journalists and reporters on staff generate much of the news that you read and see today. Companies such as ABC, CBS, NBC Universal, News Corp, Tribune, Conde Nast, Westinghouse, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Thompson  Reuters, and the AP to name but a few. Part of that flow of information comes from press releases sent to these organization's assignment editors.  There is a limited amount of time an editor or reporter has to sift through story pitches to find those nuggets of truth and interest that can be turned into stories or even better are stories worth following up on. If you add to that all of the social media feeds, blogs and podcasts, and hash tags it is a wonder that anyone has time to listen to anything much less think at all.

The Professional Factor

The stories that work in mainstream media as news, features and Op-Eds all share one characteristic - they are authored and they are professionally written. In other words, there is a name associated with the story and that story is part of the bottom-line of somewhere of someone and their reputation. That is the main difference that we offer to reach those writers with your story and get THEM to write about you.